Online - BOOMERangs: Engaging The Aging Workforce in America



    BOOMERangs: Engaging the Aging Workforce in America

    We are living longer-- much longer-- than our ancestors. We are no longer young and old; there is a new third age, a potentially productive age, of 65-80. Now, as our country’s nearly 80 million Baby Boomers reach this unprecedented phase of life, many want to continue in the workforce-- and we need them! Our attitudes, laws, and workplaces need to change for us and them to adapt successfully to the age of longevity.

    In this presentation, you will learn:
    Why Boomers are an integral part of the workforce
    What needs to change to make Boomers more productive
    The positive change that can be made in economic development, thanks to this generational workforce

    Working and retirement should not and cannot be an “on and off switch.” Whether you’re looking for great employees or are a Boomer looking for success, Cash will help you become more aware of this vital information so you can use it to influence your community, employer, and government organizations for the better of us all.