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Pathways Mentoring Program

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Paul College Fire

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Informational Interviews

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Pathways Mentoring Program

Champion the next generation of Wildcats by becoming a UNH Pathways mentor.

Offered in conjunction with the University Advising and Career Center (UACC) and led by the professional Pathways team, this rewarding program matches you with a student based on your shared interests. Offer advice and guidance to current students while helping them develop career and networking skills. Build a meaningful, lasting and rewarding relationship with a current Wildcat. Empower him/her with first-hand knowledge of what to expect in the post-graduation professional world.

This one-on-one partnership runs from September to April and is structured around monthly mentor and mentee meetings, and includes two on-campus events for all Pathways participants. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

How it works, in a nutshell

  • Students and alumni apply to participate.
  • The Pathways Team works to match students with alumni who are in the field that the student is interested in pursuing.
  • Once the match is made we will notify the alumni and student via email of the match and introduce you via email.
  • There is a kick-off meeting in September in Durham to allow everyone to meet their match, as well as other students and alumni in the program.
  • From there it is up to the pairs to arrange what schedule and form of contact works best for them. There are opportunities for the pairs to attend alumni and other UNH events throughout the year (these are not mandatory).
  • There is a celebratory dinner in Durham in May.
  • Some matches continue into the next school year based on the student’s year. We have a number of students who continue to stay in touch with their alumni mentor well after graduation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I also work in a different field than my major. Will that make a difference?
    The matches are based on what the student is interested in pursuing – your difference in major vs. career does not impact the match, and is usually the case.
  • What would the time commitment be like?
    It really depends on what works for pairings. Some pairs are a minimal of an hour or 2 a month and others do weekly check-ins.
  • Would we meet at UNH or somewhere else (I live and work in X, it may be difficult for me to come up there during the week)?
    There are 2 large group meeting on campus (kick-off in September and final dinner May) that we encourage everyone to attend, as it is a chance for alumni to meet other alumni and students to meet other alumni and students. Ideally pairs would be able to meet in person once a month, but this does not always happen and is based on schedules. Email, phone conversations and skype are often utilized. It really depends on what works best for each pairing.
  • Will I need to prepare anything or is there something that will be provided to me?
    You will only need to prepare your application and resume (which help us match you). The pairings are then grouped and assigned a team leader who is available to answer any of your questions. Check out the online handbook for more information.

We hope we've answered some of your questions. If other questions arise, please do not hesitate email If you would like to apply, please submit your application here. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

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Paul College FIRE

FIRE is an integrated, team-based, and game-like experience, guided by alumni and peer mentors, for first-year students to engage in developing habits and strategies for success. Right now the world is facing problems that are complex, dynamic, and nonlinear--and active problem solvers are in high demand. FIRE charges first-year students to hit the ground running by assisting them in developing multidisciplinary solutions to real-world problems by employing emerging technologies. Through a series of challenges, guiding them from idea to execution, students will be develop business plans to be presented at a year end finale.

If you'd like to get involved in the FIRE program for the 2016-2017 academic year, please contact us at There are a number of opportunities for faculty, staff, and alumni engagement.

Learn more about FIRE

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Informational Interviews

Provide opportunities for students to connect with nearby alums for informational interviews. Breaks from school are an opportunity for students to return home to visit their family and friends and step away from their books. It is also an opportunity for them to connect with an alum who lives in their area for informational interviews. If you would like to help a student better understand the position/industry they are interested in pursuing after graduation, please sign up to be an informational interview host.

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LinkedIn Mentors

Sign in to your LinkedIn account and connect your two most important career networks with one click. Power your career: Discover inside connections when you’re looking for a job or a new business opportunity. Reconnect: Find past and present colleagues and classmates quickly. LinkedIn makes staying in touch simple. Get answers: Your network is full of industry experts willing to share advice. Have a question? Just ask.

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