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Alumni Job Postings

The alumni job board is currently inactive. For a free and effective way to advertise opportunities for current students and recent graduates up to two years post-graduation please visit Wildcat Careers offered by the UNH Career Center.

Use this job board to:

Host an internship
Hire UNH students
Hire recent graduates (full-time, salaried position)
Hire entry-level employees
View resume books
Request on-campus recruiting/on-campus interviewing

How to post on Wildcat Careers

1. Go to the Wildcat Careers login page, and create a new employer account if you have not already.
2. We will then send you an email stating we have approved your account request (usually within 24 hours).
    You may then update your password and access the site.
3. When on your homepage dashboard, click “Create job or internship posting” on the right under your
    Shortcuts menu. Complete form.

Questions? Email

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UNH Career Center

Alumni looking to recruit interns and entry level candidates (current students and graduates 1 to 2 years out) can post their opportunities on The UNH Career Center’s Wildcat Careers.

Alumni looking for career development appointments and resources can access support through the Alumni Relations Office or the UNH Career Center. The UNH Career Center has also collected a number of resources for alumni for convenient access.

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Career Speaker Series

Career services are "in the cloud" for UNH alumni and students – anywhere, anytime, on any device! UNH Alumni Relations has partnered with Talent Marks to bring you the nation's top career authors via live online events, coupled with a library of recorded events and career activities.

Get Started!

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Speed Networking

Developing connections is the best way for people to hear about new opportunities, exchange helpful career hints and learn about other's experiences. UNH Alumni Relations wants to help alumni build these important connections. Speed networking is a fun and efficient way to make numerous contacts in a short amount of time.

In-person speed networking events allow you to meet with other Wildcats who live in your area. Watch the UNH alumni events calendar for speed networking events near you.

Online speed networking events occur once a month, allowing alumni to join from anywhere there is an internet connection via Brazen Careerist's Networking Roulette platform. (Watch a video from Brazen Careerist for a preview.)

Upcoming speed networking events

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Interview Stream

Interested in mock interviewing, but have a busy schedule or no longer live near Durham? InterviewStream is a video interviewing platform that allows you to practice interviewing and review how you did after! You can also customize the questions based on the field or job you’re pursuing, share your interview after with alumni career staff, your colleagues, or even just a friend to gather feedback. Need another reason to check out InterviewStream? We’re starting to see more and more employers using video interviewing as their first interview method. Practice makes perfect!

Watch a short video and sign up!

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Transcript & Diploma Requests


The UNH Office of the Registrar can help you obtain a copy of your transcript. Electronic versions are available to alumni who have graduated since 1989. UNH School of Law transcripts are provided free of charge and mailed via USPS. Please allow five business days for processing. UNH Law transcripts cannot be faxed or transmitted electronically at this time. More information.


Diploma requests can be made to the registrar via order form

UNH Law diploma reissues

Diplomas are now available with the school's current name: The University of New Hampshire School of Law. The fee for a reissued diploma is $75 (if you live within the continental US) or $175 (if you live outside of the US).

Get more information

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Networking Tips

Networking is building relationships. Networking can happen anywhere. Networking is give and take (always with a follow up, thank you). Networking is an exchange of information, connections, and experiences. Good networkers talk and listen, great networkers listen more than they talk.

Why Network?

  1. Most job opportunities ( 70% ) are uncovered through networking: ...more than through the 'want ads', or company websites, or even online job-listing sites. Although you'll want to use all these channels in your job search - your time is best invested in networking and developing personal connections through your growing network.
  2. Most job hunters don't know enough about the jobs they are pursuing: Networking to gather this information enables you to better articulate why you are a good 'fit' for the job ...and this makes you a more competitive candidate.
  3. Hiring is risky and expensive for employers. If you are referred to the employer through someone they know and trust, then you're a 'safer bet' and a more attractive candidate.

Read more networking tips

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Resume and Cover Letter Tips


Resumes are a snap shot of the experiences and accomplishments you can offer an organization. As a marketing tool, your resume should be succinct (a single page if possible), should target an employer's needs, and serve to distinguish you from your competitors.

Read resume tips

Cover Letters

Cover Letters are not always mandatory in the application process; however, they provide a way for you to articulate your experiences, qualifications and motivation to your recruiter. The cover letter also conveys your personal communication style, tone, and degree of professionalism.

Read cover letter tips