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    January 6, 2016

    Interview Like Yourself...No, Really!  Follow Your Strengths and Skills

    Presented by: Jezra Kaye

    Webinar Overview:

    You can’t ignore a professional speechwriter who gets paid huge bucks to give advice to executives about how to make the best impression in front of board members, the press and investors. Jezra Kaye has distilled decades of experience and advice into on effective presentations in this presentation based on her book. Research by Babich Associates suggests it takes 11 interviews to get a job. Imagine if you could cut that down to 5. Not only would you get a job faster (and end up with more dough) but you will definite keep your confidence and cool!

    Jezra will share with you how to keep your cool while you are in the “hot seat”, and being interviewed by individuals or groups. She will share how to master the fine art of not only anticipating questions, but stopping to make sure you heard the question correctly so you can instantly develop a cogent response.

    She will also share how to connect who you are to what you have done, to make hiring managers confident that – YOU are the right choice.

    January 13, 2016

    Networking Is Not Working: Stop Collecting Business Cards

    Presented by: Derek Coburn


    Webinar Overview:

    This is not just a presentation on how to build a personal network, but a session about how to build a professional network that will drive business and new customers to your organization.

    For successful 21st century business people, large networking events and the mountains of business cards they produce have become a waste of time and valuable resources. It's time for a new, modern approach to networking. 

    These strategies grew Derek’s company’s revenue by 300% in just 18 months and can have a major impact on your career and your business, too.

    You will learn how to:

    Become the Ultimate Connector
    Become the Ultimate Resource
    Identify and develop relationships with world-class professionals
    Enhance the value you deliver for your best clients
    Position yourself for more quality introductions to ideal prospective clients

    Once you implement these networking strategies, the quality of your clients, your business, and your life will improve dramatically.

    January 20, 2016

    Robots Will Steal Your Job.  Tricks to Survive

    Presented by: Frederico Pistono


    Webinar Overview:

    You are about to become obsolete. You think you are special, unique, and that whatever it is that you are doing is impossible to replace.  

    You are wrong.

    As we speak, millions of algorithms created by computer scientists are frantically running on servers all over the world, with one sole purpose: do whatever humans can do, but better.

    This is the argument for a phenomenon called technological unemployment, one that is pervading modern society. But is it really the case? Or is it just a futuristic fantasy? What will become of us in the coming years, and what can we do to prevent a catastrophic collapse of society?

    You will gain an understanding of:

    What technology will be capable of doing in just a few short years
    How rapidly these technological advancements will replace white collar jobs
    What jobs will be hard to replace with technology

    Federico will share how to survive the economic collapse and be happy by exploring the impact of technological advances on our lives, what it means to be happy, and providing suggestions about how to avoid a systemic collapse.

    January 27, 2016

    Retire Smart, Retire Happy: Finding Your True Path in Life

    Presented by: Nancy Schlossberg


    Webinar Overview: 

    Most of us look forward to our retirement, eagerly anticipating more free time and opportunities to play. The reality of retirement can be very different. Unexpected challenges may lead us to question who we really are and what we can reasonably expect to accomplish in the remaining years of our lives.

    One needs to think about much more than finances. Relationships with family and friends may also change, creating confusion and uncertainty.

    Nancy will provide guidance on the psychological and emotional adjustments we make in retirement. A psychologist and experienced counselor, Nancy provide tips on coping with the ups and downs as she reassures us that retirement can be one of the most fulfilling times of our lives.

    Nancy will help you look at:

    What you expect out of retirement and what you will do with your time
    How you will nurture existing relationships and build new ones
    Gaining a better understanding of how you can use retirement to grow and find new paths and new challenges
    How not to get stuck in a rut, and to recognize and accept the transitions you are going through

    Build your plan and enjoy the best years of your life!